Ultralight Beam

The story behind the cover that lit a fire under our butts

Posted by Theo Fedronic on May 5, 2017

I first heard Kanye West's new album, TLOP, on February 11th, 2016 during the live stream reveal. I sat hunched over my laptop, earbuds in, waiting in anticipation for one of my favorite artist's latest project. And then the simple synth chords of Ultralight Beam filled every crevice of my body. I was hooked by the spaciness and the rawness of the drums.

I called my brother right after the stream and told him we absolutely had to cover the track. Twelve hours later I was back home in Belmont, with my good friend and drummer Hunter Bragg in tow, working through an arrangement with the rest of the guys.

We knew that there was no point in going for the same feel - we didn't exactly have a gospel choir on hand. So, we tried our best to make it our own. Hope you enjoy! Update: It's racked up almost 19,000 views!